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Luxury of Refusal

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Eve Lom embraces
the luxury of refusal.

This belief manifests itself into an identity that is visually nude. Spaces are intimate and atmospheric. Voids and white surfaces are demystified by incorporating warmth through light, textures, and patterns. Boundaries and transitions are treated gracefully.

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Make a Powerful

Visually, it means skin radiates a captivating aura, even when it’s bare. Behaviorally it means there’s no need to go to extremes with the types of products you choose. Personally it means being noticed without saying a word. Attracting attention without bold gestures. It is simple. Subtle. Stunning.

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As a founder brand with a departed founder and a rigidly minimalist ethos, Eve Lom was having an identity crisis. It was facing challenges in growing, presenting and articulating itself in an always-on world.


A brand with one singular point of view created by and for elegant individualists. The brand is exceptional because it makes no exceptions. We took the brand from person to persona, embracing the luxury of refusal.


We formed a visual + vocal language culminating in a new store concept in Hong Kong. Creating a cocoon to explore and engage. The tagline allowed product, communication, and social media initiatives to be united with one relevant theme.



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