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Deeper Than Beautiful

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Disrupt by being yourself.

To reinvigorate AHAVA in a modern way, we leaned into the AHAVA's cultural roots and core ethos within environmentally sustainable and natural products—all while breathing new life into the brand and making it more accessible to global consumers. We led the way to create a refreshed voice and tone for the AHAVA brand that expresses its platform, position and attributes in an authentic way.


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campaign + CGI animation + tagline

Extreme Night Treatment


art direction

Immersive Textures


Formulas drawn from earth’s natural phenomena. 



Despite having 40 years of experience in beauty, impeccable natural credentials and at least two iconic products, hand cream and on-trend mud mask, AHAVA wasn’t universally perceived as a prestige beauty brand.


Capitalizing on the current beauty consumer’s globalist curiosity, we dug deep into the brand’s homeland and heritage to both legitimize and modernize AHAVA. Exposing how AHAVA’s cultural roots and belief in optimizing, rather than radically changing skin—intuitively dovetail with the current consumer mindset.


We created a new platform, voice and tone, and position for AHAVA—Deeper Than Beautiful. From this, we implemented strategies to refresh AHAVA’s graphic language, art direction and social capabilities which further engaged and elevated the brand’s overall messaging and allowed the brand to disrupt the industry by being itself.



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